Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Irina Palm 2010: for your consideration

The following films, released theatrically between January and December 2010, are eligible for consideration across all categories in this year's Irina Palm d'Or. A category-by-category breakdown of potential nominees will appear on this site in due course.

Exam (Hazeldine Films/Miracle)
Burlesque Undressed (More2Screen)
Malice in Wonderland (Kaleidoscope)
Holy Water (Kaleidoscope/Centurion)
Beyond the Pole (Shooting Pictures)
A Closed Book (Eyeline Entertainment/Atlantic Film)
Freestyle (Revolver)
The Shouting Men (Kaleidoscope)
My Last Five Girlfriends (Paramount)
Happy Ever Afters (Verve)
Salvage (Revolver)
Shank (Revolver)
Kick-Ass (Universal)
I Know You Know (Network)
The Infidel (Revolver)
Boogie Woogie (Vertigo)
It's a Wonderful Afterlife (Icon)
Cherry Bomb (Blue Dolphin)
The Calling (Guerilla)
Dance with Me (Orev)
A Boy Called Dad (Kaleidoscope)
Just for the Record (Metrodome)
Sus (Independent)
StreetDance 3D (Vertigo)
Pimp (Revolver) (The Works)
Wild Target (Entertainment)
Crimefighters (Picturehouse Entertainment)
The Seventh Dimension (Kaleidoscope)
The Last Seven (Metrodome)
Basement (Revolver)
Bonded by Blood (Revolver)
Splintered (Kaleidoscope)
The Kid (Revolver)
Mr. Nice (E1)
Jackboots on Whitehall (Vertigo)
Freight (IndyUK Films/Icon)
Spiderhole (Soda)
Fathers of Girls (Soda) opens Nov 19
The Scar Crow (Metrodome) opens Nov 26
Bathory (Metrodome) opens Dec 3
Chatroom (Revolver) opens Dec 24

Feel free to add thoughts, comments, updates etc.

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